Remembering More Than The I Do: Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Capturing a special moment in a photograph allows you to cherish the memory associated with that moment well into the future. Since your wedding day is likely going to be filled with moments you won't want to forget, investing in a good photographer is one of the most important things you can do during the planning process. 

Although most couples know that having a photographer shoot the ceremony and reception can be beneficial, there are other events associated with a wedding that should be caught on film as well. Here are three often-overlooked wedding activities that should include a photographer.

1. Purchasing a bridal gown.

Many brides look forward to the moment they will identify their perfect bridal gown. Finding a dress is often one of the most important steps a bride will take during the wedding planning process, and the memories associated with putting on that perfect gown are ones that will be cherished throughout the years. 

By hiring a photographer to capture the reactions of your family and friends when you walk out in your gown, you ensure that your memories will be memorialized on film.

2. Obtaining the marriage license.

Marriage is recognized as a legally-binding contract, and the government must issue a license granting couples permission for engaged couples to wed. Obtaining this license is a fairly easy process, and many couples trivialize the moment as a result. 

The moment you and your spouse are able to secure a marriage license is the moment your upcoming nuptials become legitimate. Hiring a photographer to capture this special moment will help you document one of the most vital events leading up to your wedding.

3. Bachelorette and bachelor parties.

The media would have you think that most bachelorette and bachelor parties are crazy events that are better left a mystery, the fact of the matter is that these events are filled with memories that a bride and groom will carry with them for a lifetime. 

By bringing along a photographer to these parties, you ensure that you will be able to share some of the memories you create with your friends during a bachelorette or bachelor party with your future spouse.

Understanding the role a professional photographer can play in documenting the entire wedding process can be beneficial when it comes to ensuring that all your wedding events are captured on film. Be sure to hire a photographer to shoot your gown selection, the moment you get your wedding license, and your bachelorette and bachelor parties.

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