Tips For Taking Great Photos With Your Drone

If you have recently purchased a high-end drone that has image capturing and video capabilities, then you may want to start using the device to start taking aerial photographs. This is something that even a novice can succeed at with a little practice. If you want to take some really great pictures right away, check out our helpful tips!

Capture In RAW

There are a variety of different file formats that can be used to capture data when you take a picture. You may know this if you have a digital camera and typically take JPG photographs with it. JPG images are extremely common, versatile, and are highly recognizable when it comes to raster images. They also can be opened by many different programs and they can be easily compressed.

Unfortunately, JPG images may lose some of the fine details and quality during the compression process. This means that images are not as high quality as they should be. This quality issue can be solved by saving images in RAW format instead of JPG. RAW images are saved with complete image data retention. This means that color and pixel information is not lost. The images save as higher quality pictures and will remain that way. JPG files can degrade or lose data over time. This does not happen with RAW files. Images are much more crisp and bright.

The only drawback to RAW files is the fact that they take up more space. This may mean that you need to shoot fewer pictures overall. Also, the image data must be processed and it may take a while for the processing to occur. You may then be unable to snap pictures instantaneously. 

Lighting Should Be Adequate

You may be used to taking pictures with a flash even if you know that natural light is best when it comes to photography. While your flash may save you in a low light situation when snapping shots with your phone, it will not work well if you want to take shots with your drone in the evening. After all, low light means leaving the shutter open longer so there is enough light entering the camera for the photo to be taken. Your drone will be moving, so this sort of thing will be a bit too difficult without causing extensive blurring.

Make sure that there is more than enough natural light when taking photos. Some beautiful lower light pictures at damn may appear quite beautiful with the sunset as a backdrop. You should time it so the sun is falling as you take your photos, so make sure your drone is high in the air well before the sun is scheduled to set. 

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