Video Or Photograph Your Wedding: Tips For Doing Both

If you don't know whether you want your big day to be photographed or videotaped, consider doing both. This way, you can have moments caught on camera that are suitable for the photo album as well as others that are perfect for anytime viewing to bring back fond memories of your special day. Here are some tips to get the best shots either way so your most memorable moments are caught on film for a lifetime.

Check out professional portfolios

You want to choose photographers and videographers who can do the style of work you prefer. Black and white photo retouching, up-close shots, head shots, and slow-motion videography are just a few examples of the type of work you will want your professionals to be able to do. Before hiring anyone, ask to see a portfolio of recent event coverage. This is the best way to see if any photographer or videographer you are considering is a good match for you.

Hire more than one professional

It's best to hire one person to do videography and another professional to do the photos. This way, both pros can be taking their own shots of the event without having to compromise a special moment for a video or a photo. If you'd like, hire a third person (or use a trusted family member) to take candid shots and videos of wedding guests and activities so you capture the event from many angles and professional eyes.

Tell your hired photographer/videographer what you want

If you have specific parts of the wedding or ceremony you want video-recorded or strictly photographed, let your hired help know in advance. This allows them to get the footage and pictures you really want without having to step on one another's toes.

On the same note, you need to let the professional crew know what you do not want videotaped or photographed at your event. There may be a certain ritual you wish to remain private or a guest at the wedding who doesn't want to be on camera. Let all your guests know that there will be professional photography/videography at your event so if they have objections to being on film, they can let you know so you can forward it to your professional help.

If you want pictures and videos of your wedding day, it's an excellent idea to do both while staying in communication with the people you hire, such as Haute Photography & Videography. Check on them throughout the event so you can make sure they know just which shots to capture for you.

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