Getting Married at a Courthouse? Do Not Pass Up on Hiring a Photographer

Some couples choose to have extravagant weddings with a large venue, DJ, videographer, and catering. But, while you may receive some encouragement from family and friends to have this kind of wedding, your true preference may be just getting married at the closest courthouse. It is possible to do this on a random day, but you should consider doing some minor planning to hire a photographer for the event.

Dress Up for the Occasion

When you have a traditional wedding, you may want to have a full suit and wedding dress. But, when you are going to a courthouse on your own or with your closest family and friends, you should not feel the need to dress up in this way. It is a day that you may want to dress up in nice clothes, especially when you plan on having a photographer for an hour or two because you know you will have photographs to look back on for the rest of your life. You can even bring a change of clothes to the courthouse to switch to a nice outfit when you get there or switch out of it after you have finished the marriage ceremony.

Get Creative Outside

It is possible for almost any location to look artistic and beautiful. So, even if you do not think that the courthouse or the surrounding area is that attractive, you can use it as a memorable place to have a short photoshoot with a photographer either before or after getting married in the courthouse. A photographer with extensive experience in the area should be able to find several areas to take photos that look great.

Capture the Ceremony

While the ceremony will not have all the bells and whistles that some fancy weddings have, it will still involve you and your spouse standing together, sharing vows, and getting married. This makes it important enough to be worth capturing, which is something that a photographer can handle. You can have planned photos taken or you can request that every photo be completely candid. This will make it so that you can just forget that a photographer is even there while you are in the courthouse.

Even if having a large wedding is not something that you want to do, you should still consider hiring services such as Allan E. Levine Photography when you are getting married at a courthouse because they can help to preserve memories.

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