Wedding Photography Options and Mind-Boggling Choices

Your wedding photos are the second largest photography expense you will ever make. (The first is your senior high school photos.) That said, you want to hire a wedding photographer that not only does a magnificent job, but also provides you with dozens of options. Before you get mired down in the mind-boggling choices you will have to make with regards to wedding photography packages, consider all of the following first.


First and foremost, every couple has to decide where to have wedding pictures taken. Typically, a half dozen to a dozen venues (not counting the church) is the average. When about twenty shots are taken in each venue, you can expect quite a lot of photos to come out of your wedding. If you do not want to take photos for the better part of the day (that can certainly be exhausting!), select fewer locations. If you want the absolute perfect photo to frame and put on your wall, shelf, or mantle, then pick several more venues. 

Special Effects on the Pictures

There is literally nothing you cannot do with a professional digital camera and Photoshop software. That said, you will need to know exactly what you want from your photo experience. Do you want black-and-white photos, sepia-washed photos, gray-scale photos, dynamic color photos, or black-and-white photos with a single color highlighting something special in the scene? Sometimes it helps to come at this situation with what you do not want rather than trying to figure out what you do want. That will narrow things down a little for your photographer. Contact a photography service, like Carlos Osorio Photography, for more details on which special effects will suit you best.

Buying the Photo Disks, Proofs, and/or Jump Drives

If you cannot decide what photos you want reprinted and how many, you can always buy the proofs and the photos burned to CD-Rom disks or saved to jump drives. This allows you to choose the photos you want to reprint on your own time. It also allows you to reprint any picture, any number of times you want over the years.

The proofs, which are usually sold to you in an album, allow you, your friends, and your family to choose some photos to reprint and keep too, if they would like. Some couples opt to purchase only the proofs and the saved/copied photos to skip paying for several prints of the photos. Your photographer will let you know if this is an option.

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