Check With Your Wedding Clients About These Photo Touch-ups

When you shoot wedding photos, your work isn't done when you pack up your gear at the end of the night. Before you hand the photos over to your clients, you'll need to put some time and effort into touching up the photos so that they look their best. This process includes making slight adjustments to the light and shading, altering the color, and making some other changes to how the happy couple looks. It's a good idea to confer with your clients to assess the degree to which you touch-up their images. Some people will want to appear highly polished, while others will want more of a natural look. Here are some specific touch-ups to go over.

Teeth Whitening

It's customary for wedding photographers to whiten their clients' teeth a little with photo editing software, as this can give the clients more of a desired look. You can count on some clients loving the idea of having pearly whites, but not everyone may want this. Some people feel as though bright white teeth can look inauthentic, and such individuals may pride themselves on having a "real" appearance. It's thus a good idea to confer with your clients to ask if they want their teeth whitened during the touch-up process.

Pimples And Blemishes

Some people will have the misfortune of pimples and other skin blemishes on their big day. This can actually be common for people when they're getting married, as stress—of which there can be a lot of leading up to the wedding—can worsen acne. While the bride and perhaps even the groom may attempt to hide such blemishes with makeup, the acne may still be apparent when you take the photos. Gently confirming that your clients would like you to carefully touch-up these areas is a good idea.

Moles And Freckles

You may also want to ask your clients about touching up any moles or freckles that they have. For the latter, many people love their freckles and wouldn't want them hidden. However, this isn't always the case, and the bride or groom may appreciate having a clearer complexion. Where moles are concerned, your clients may occasionally ask you to lighten a dark mole by a few shades, which is easy to do with your editing software, or eliminate a mole completely. It's always important to go over these topics with your clients so that you know what they want when you begin touching up the images.

As a beginner photographer or a bride in search of hiring a professional one, it's a good idea to speak with a wedding day photographer for ideas, opinions, and costs. Reach out to a local company like Eivan's Photo get answers to any other questions you may have and to hire a wedding day photographer.   

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