Tips For Headshots

Your headshot is the most important tool in your bag of tricks when you are an actor or model. This is how and why you are going to be recognized, noticed, and hopefully called back. Many people make the mistake of not putting enough care into their headshots and find that they aren't getting good results. These people often end up getting all new headshots taken. This means they are paying for headshots twice when they could have paid only once had they done everything right the first time around. Here are some very helpful tips for you to be sure to follow when it comes to your headshots.

Choose the right photographer

You want to choose a photographer with plenty of experience with professional headshots. You also want one that you can feel comfortable with. If you notice that you and a photographer clash, then this will come through in your headshots and leave you also needing to have second ones down the line. The right photographer that you feel really "gets you" will bring out the best in each shot. You also don't want to get scared off by price. The importance of your headshot is worth a lot, even if you have to work extra shifts or borrow from family to get the best headshots possible.

Keep your look

While you want to show the different sides of you and show that you can take on many different looks and characters, you also want to be sure you still look like yourself in your headshots. Let your personality shine through in every pose, and change up things like your smile, your eyes, and your pose. However, always look like yourself to show that you can take on any role while maintaining what it was the casting director liked about you to begin with. Also, make sure you are truthful in your headshots. If you don't have large breasts, don't pad your bra and make it look like you do. If you have blue eyes, don't have your headshots taken with brown contacts in.

Be careful with props

If you use props in your headshot, they should complement you but not become the focal point of the headshot. You want all eyes to be on you, and that prop should hardly be noticed. When a prop is capable of outdoing you in your own headshot, this is not a good thing.

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