4 Reasons To Use An Online Photo Scanning Service

Do you have a lot of old photos that you want to digitize so that you can preserve them forever? If so, you may be considering a faster way of doing it than to scan them yourself. Here are a few reasons why you will want to use an online photo scanning service

Better Equipment

If you were to scan the photos yourself, you're likely going to use a consumer flatbed scanner that can only scan a few photos at a time. The equipment is not going to take the highest quality scans of your photos, leaving you with images that are not as good as they could be. Hiring a professional to do this job is going to allow you to benefit from their high-end equipment, which is capable of scanning photos at a higher DPI with better clarity.

Faster Scanning

The actual process of scanning photos is incredibly slow when you do it on your own. Having to lay them out on the glass, scan the photos, and save out the individual images can take a lot of time to do, with it taking many nights and weekends to scan the photos yourself. When you hire a professional you definitely save yourself the time that it would take to do the scanning, but you're also going to get the digital scans back much faster. This is because professional photo scanning software can put the photos through a machine that feeds them through, so there is no need to align individual photos on a flatbed scanner. Of course, this requires that the photos are loose and not in scrapbooks. 

Color Correction

Do you have any idea what you are doing when it comes to color correction? The quality of your old photos may result in the digital image being captured in the exact same quality with faded colors. Professional photo scanners are able to fix those issues with color correction to bring them back to what they are supposed to look like.

Negative Scanning

Do you have a box of old negatives and you can't find the original photos, or still have the negatives with the original photos? It is possible to scan those negatives so that you get the best quality digital image. Negative scanning equipment is likely something that you do not have on hand, and the best way to do it is to take those negatives to a professional to scam them for you.

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