How To Learn Underwater Videography

You may have decided on a career in underwater videography, or maybe you are just interested in learning how to shoot video underwater for your own enjoyment. While you don't have to take any particular course, there are some schools that do teach underwater videography that can help make you a better filmmaker.

If you would like to learn how to shoot video underwater, there are some things you will need to learn first. Here is some information on how to learn underwater videography.

Learn Effective Videography First

Your first step in learning underwater videography is to learn how to effectively shoot regular video on land. You may have used your cellphone camera or perhaps you have a little bit of experience in using a DSLR camera at birthday parties or concerts, but to be a good videographer, you should learn how the camera's advanced features work.

You should learn about camera speeds, camera lenses, and the differences between HDMI and 4K and why they can make a difference to your video. You could take a course to learn this or you can do your own research and then practice. Once you have a good idea of what makes a good video, you can try shooting some underwater video in a pool or local lake or pond to see the difference in settings.

Get Your Scuba Certification

Your next step is to get your scuba diving certification if you haven't gotten it already. To shoot great underwater videography, you need to go where there are interesting subjects like shipwrecks, marine life, and coral reefs. This means you will need to be very comfortable in the water and should have your scuba diving certification.

If you don't wish to dive deeper, you could snorkel and take underwater video, but bear in mind, you will be limited to what you can find to film. This can make your video less appealing and very much the same every time you film. A scuba diving certification opens you up to more possibilities of where you can film and if you decide on this as a career, your prospects will be brighter.

Find The Right Equipment

Before buying a lot of camera equipment, try renting several different underwater cameras to see what best suits your style of underwater videography. You will find each camera has its own unique abilities and qualities that you may or may not like. Depending on the style of filming you want to do, you may want a lighter camera or one that has a bit more bulk for a steadier film.

You will also need to look into waterproof cases for cameras, stabilizers, and gimbals capable of underwater work and more. Once you have tried out a few cameras and other pieces of equipment, then you are ready to buy your own based on experience and research. Reach out to other people who do underwater videography for more information.

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