5 Tips To Avoid Rushing Your Wedding Photo Session

Your wedding photos are one of the most lasting and indelible wedding day memories. So you don't want to rush them, ending up with photographs that may be less than wholly satisfying. But how can you help ensure that, on that busy and hectic day, you aren't rushed through your photo session? Here are a few tips to try.

1. Create a Written Timeline

Writing down your wedding day timeline helps in several ways. First, you should craft this timeline with the help of your vendors, including the photographer, so you don't underestimate or overestimate needs. In addition, a written timeline available to everyone helps keep everyone on time and where they need to be. Finally, it solidifies your plans so you know what is going on when, and less is left up to chance.

2. Choose a Different Time

Consider actually taking some or all of your wedding photos at a nonstandard time. Many couples opt for photoshoots directly after the ceremony. But this might give little time for the work. Instead, consider taking photos after the reception has begun and your guests are otherwise occupied so they won't miss you. You could also split up the photo session into a personal session after the first look and a family session after the ceremony. Or, consider moving some of the pictures to an entirely different day.

3. Keep Travel to a Minimum

Avoid traveling far and wide for your photo session. Ideally, look for a venue that offers plenty of options for photo backdrops and locations right there. If you do want to go to a different location for some pictures, keep it local and convenient. Avoid choosing more than one extra spot. 

4. Build Buffer Time

Buffer time in your wedding day schedule is a must. This is done by adding small amounts of extra time into various stages of the timeline. An extra 15 minutes here or 30 minutes there allows things to go wrong without cutting into other steps. Be sure to add this padding throughout the schedule, rather than only at one juncture, so you have more flexibility.

5. Hire Multiple People

Many wedding experts suggest hiring a photography service that provides two or more photographers for the big day. This allows them to capture different elements at the same time. For the photo sessions, having either two photographers or one with an assistant allows for more efficient work and therefore more time for the actual photography rather than the prep work.

Want more ideas for avoiding the feeling that your wedding photos are being rushed? Talk to a wedding photography company, such as Love Long & Prosper Photography.

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