Retaking Your Wedding Photos? 5 Tips For Success

Do you want to retake your wedding photos? No matter why you aren't satisfied with the originals from the big day, following these few helpful tips will ensure a great new addition to your album. 

1. Don't Feel Bad

First, know that it's okay to be unsatisfied with your wedding pictures. You're not alone. And ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Weddings are big events fraught with many risks ranging from fashion that doesn't age well to bad moods to natural disasters. Many factors are out of your control. But the wedding pictures are forever, so you deserve a good memento you actually love. 

2. Figure Out What You Disliked

Before you retake any photos, decide exactly what it is that made you dislike your original pictures. You must fix these for the reshoot to be successful. If you disliked your hair, your dress, or your makeup, then do a practice styling before the photo shoot and plan your shoot on a calm day. Did you use an amateur the first time? Budget for a good photographer. Was your guest list missing a VIP? Work around their schedule. 

3. Don't Try to Recreate

You may be retaking your wedding photos, but you can't recreate the day with all its memories. So don't try to imitate what you did before, including choosing the same spot or the same poses. You're more likely to be disappointed if the feeling engendered isn't the same. Instead, choose elements that give you the same vibe rather than using the same recipe. 

4. Invite Many or Few Other People

How many of your loved ones involved in this process depends on your goals, their availability, and your budget? Some couples only hold a couple's photo shoot or involve their closest attendants. Others want to retake large family photos. It's okay to do whatever works for you.

5. Have Fun

Finally, have fun with your new set of pictures. Without the stress of an accompanying wedding, try to relax and enjoy being with your loved ones. Work with a photographer who will capture your spirit and personalities. Be open to new locations, props, silliness, and unique shots. Enjoying the process will help attach wonderful memories to these new photos as well.

Where to Start

Are you ready to get started planning your additional wedding photo shoot? Start by consulting with an experienced wedding photographer in your area. They'll work with you to identify what you want to correct, how to correct it, and how to make these new photos even better. Begin today by making an appointment. 

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