4 Ways Wedding Guests Ruin Photographs. . . And How To Avoid Them

Every couple wants the best photos from their wedding day. After all, the photographs will be one of the most if not the most—long-lasting mementos of the big day. And, sadly, one unexpected element can ruin your wedding photos. That element? The guests. How can guests harm your photo memories? And how can you prevent this from happening? Here are a few ways.

1. Blocking Ceremony Shots

Guests want to get their own photos of your ceremony, but this can easily result in them blocking the view of others and even the professional photographer. How can you avoid this common problem?

Some couples opt for an unplugged ceremony, specifically asking guests to keep their phones and devices in their pockets during the ceremony. Another aid can be to make an announcement reminding guests to stay in their seats. And finally, consider assigning an attendant to work with the photographer to help wrangle obstacles out of the way while they work. 

2. Throwing Off Group Shots

Group and family photos are another moment when some guests try to horn in on the photographer's work by taking their own pictures. This, though, can cause subjects to be confused about where to look and when to pose.

If taking group pictures near other guests, make an announcement asking them to wait until the photographer is done. Then, have the group pose for a moment for informal shots. And be sure you empower the photographer to do what they need to in order to get their job done. 

3. Wearing Inappropriate Attire

The best way to help ensure that everyone knows how you want them to dress for the wedding is to directly address it when inviting or talking with them. This may be done on the invitations or it may be done in separate conversations with targeted guests. 

However, you can't control what people wear when they show up. If you know that a certain family member or relative will come dressed inappropriately, discuss this with the photographer to enlist them in helping you manage the intrusion to your photos. They may be able to rearrange groups or layouts, for example, to better hide the unwanted outfit. 

4. Not Posing Properly

Whether it's a cousin who is a class clown or your brother who just isn't used to formal photography, every group may have someone who doesn't pose well. Again, discuss this potential problem in advance with the photographer so they can be on the lookout for it.

If people want to be silly, take a photo or two with funny faces so they get it out of their system. Working with a particular family member may help them relax and understand how to look their best. 

Where To Start

No matter what problems you may face from the guests at your wedding, the best place to begin conquering them is to work with a professional photographer. Contact a local photographer for more information on wedding photography

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