Include These Things In A Christian-Themed Newborn Photo Shoot

When you book a photo shoot for your newborn child, it's common to think about various items that you wish to include in some of the photos. You'll generally think of items that are important to your family. For example, a baseball-loving family may want a baseball to appear in some of the shots. If your family is of the Christian faith, you may want this theme to be apparent in the images. There are all sorts of ways that you can convey this idea through the inclusion of certain items. Here are some things that you may wish to have with your newborn baby pictures.


For a Christian family, there may be no better prop than the Bible when it comes to choosing things to appear in a newborn photo shoot. There are all sorts of different ways that you can position your infant and the Bible, and your photographer will probably offer some creative options for you to consider. You might like the idea of having the book opened to a significant page and having your infant curled up against the book, for example. Another option is to buy an illustrated children's Bible and use it.

Stuffed Animal

A lot of people use stuffed animals in their newborn photo shoots, and there's no denying that an infant who is curled up with a plush stuffed animal can make for a cute sight. For a family of the Christian faith, it can be appropriate to choose a Christian-themed stuffed animal instead of a standard one. For example, you might think about finding a lamb stuffed animal, as lambs play a prominent role in the Bible. For a different look, consider a few small stuffed animals that represent the various animals that were on Noah's arc.


Another option that may appeal to you is to include a small cross in your child's photo shoot. You may want to select a cross that is significant to your family. For example, if you have a wooden cross that hangs on the wall of your home, you can remove it prior to the photo shoot and position it next to your child. Alternatively, if you or your spouse wears a cross pendant around your neck, you might think about draping it over the child's body during the photo shoot. Discuss these ideas with your photographer, who may have various suggestions about how to incorporate your special items.

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